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Lucas Dengel
Founder executive of EcoPro is Dr. Lucas Dengel. Qualified as a medical doctor (University of Mainz, Germany), Lucas worked from 1988 to 1998 at the Auroville Health Centre. During those years he took up environmental and agricultural issues of public health concern, started AuroAnnam Farm in 1998 and in 2000 founded the company AuroAnnam, for the promotion of organic and bio-dynamic farming, for the promotion of EM technology (the use of so-called Effective Microorganisms), and for trading with organic foods and with EM. While AuroAnnam continues trading in organic food, EcoPro was founded in 2007 to focus on educational and consultancy activities in the above-said areas, on the promotion of EM technology and on ecological management of liquid and solid wastes.

Further, Lucas is involved in teaching biodynamic farming with the Biodynamic Association of India (BDAI), works for their Demeter certification services, and from May 2011 onwards, is Secretary of the BDAI. Links: www.biodynamics.in and www.demeter.net .

Lucas has been living in Auroville from 1988 onwards. He made his first visit to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville in 1973, lived in Auroville from 1975 to 1979 and worked at the Auroville Health Centre. Subsequently he came for several visits and finally settled in 1988. 


Dhaka Nath Sharma
Dhaka Nath Sharma is from Nepal. He came to Auroville in 1998, worked in various services of Auroville, and joined EcoPro in 2007. He has a Master degree in Business Administration / Finance and is our Sales Manager, is the committed main presence in the EcoPro office at Auroville, introduces EM technology to clients and guides their EM use in farming and gardening and household hygiene. 

Niranjan Kumar
Niranjan is one of our Senior Technical Officers with a Master degree in ecology and environmental sciences; he joined EcoPro in early 2010. He is involved in the promotion of EM technology for solid waste management and waste water treatment. Presently he coordinates a program of solid waste management in Karaikal focusing on public education in the segregation of waste and composting of bio-waste, and based on a tripartite contract between the Municipality of Karaikal, Conseil General Cotes D'Armor of Brittany, France, and EcoPro.

Prabhakaran R.
Prabhakaran has a diploma in agriculture and has been promoting EM technology with farmers and aqua-farmers in Puducherry and the neighbouring Tamil Nadu districts. Since February 2014 he works with Krishnan in the program for promotion of biodynamic farming.

Krishnan, short for Krishnamoorthy S. resp. Kichenamurthy S. 
Krishnan holds a Master degree in Botany, has worked as village liaison officer for coastal plantation after the tsunami of 2004, in fodder cultivation for dairy farmers, and with the Auroville Farm Group (under guidance by Lucas) for the development of organic farming standards. In February 2014 Krishnan joined EcoPro to coordinate a program for the promotion of biodynamic farming in the neighbourhood of Auroville and Villupuram District.

Saravanan S. 
Saravanan is a qualified accountant and in charge of accounts and various administrative duties.

Not anymore with EcoPro


Sumathy P. 
Sumathy P. who holds a Master degree in microbiology and another Master degree in ecology and environmental science, has been with our team since 2005; she has left EcoPro in October 2013 to join a company in the United Emirates. You will find her in a lot of our earlier pictorial documentation. She stays in touch with us and informs us that her EcoPro experience in the diverse fields of consultancy in EM practices, of sanitation and toilet construction, and of educational tasks on public and personal hygiene, organic farming and environmental issues, with young students and adults alike, has prepared her excellently to take on new professional challenges.

Kundhavi P. 
Kundhavi has a degree in History and Environment Education, has been living in Auroville since 2005 and has worked in forestry and in education on agro-forestry and environmental issues, with Auroville schools, with Auroville Botanical Garden, with EcoPro, and with Aranya Forest and Sanctuary. She also runs a small boutique for children clothing from organic textiles. Kundhavi has joined EcoPro in April 2014 to coordinate a program for women empowerment via education in organic farming, hygiene and sanitation, health and nutrition.

Deoyani is a soil scientist with specialization in soil carbon, biochar and use of geographical information systems (GIS) for natural resource management. She holds a PhD in Soil Science from the University of Florida (2006). Her postdoctoral research in California included studies on environmental services of nutrient enriched biochar. In 2011, she conducted a field evaluation project of gasifier stoves (charcoal producing biomass stove) in Maharashtra for Janaseva Foundation and worked as a consultant for a biochar project near Hyderabad. From April 2012 till April 2014 she worked with EcoPro as coordinator for a Terra Preta project, which involved installation of different models of charcoal kilns, field trials with biochar and promotion of gasifier stoves.

Ribhu Vohra
Ribhu, born in Auroville, after studies and work abroad, co-managed a community-wide campaign in solid waste management in 2009/10, after which he felt inspired to work in the EcoPro team for solid waste management in a village and at Karaikal. From July 2013 onwards Ribhu is on his own with

Erik Wesselo
In 2009/10 Erik from the Netherlands collaborated with the EcoPro team for one and a half years. He is a visual artist and filmmaker, who enjoys designing gardens and working with trees.

Guest staff

EcoPro frequently integrates students, interns and volunteers from Auroville, from India and from abroad, young people interested in bioremediation, sanitation, organic farming, water resources management, ecological landscaping, rural development and related issues.

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