About Us

We are aware of the damaging impact the human species has on the planetary biosphere, yet we believe in conscious evolutionary forces at work. Within one or two decades mankind is likely to experience seriously challenging effects of climate change, in particular in regard to basic physical needs of human life, shelter and food. Yet, we believe in an untapped potential of prosperity for all, or at least for many, emerging from studies of interconnectedness i.e. ecology, and, psychologically and spiritually, founded on a growing sense of oneness. Acknowledging that human life is based on Nature’s inherent evolving wisdom and beauty, we believe, should be a healthy starting point for discussion and for action.

We constantly learn, not only by doing, but also through the study of books, from participating in seminars with experts and from dialogue with affected people. We love to engage in teaching and share our insights, especially when they are fresh.

In our work for public health we encounter injustice, corruption, inequality, ugliness, physical and mental misery. Our work requires courage for facing human misery, and self-confidence for offering honest services.

Being entrepreneurs and business people, we analyze the cost-efficacy of our actions and are keen on working systematically, yet flexibly and sensitively. We cannot claim major business success, but we are proud to avoid the hype and exaggerated claims that are so common in marketing.

We learn and progress, not only from books, but more so from doing. We enjoy getting physically involved in farming and gardening, composting and sanitation, and all related activities. Being ready to step down into a sewer inspection hole, or to de-sludge a septic tank with a bucket, can trigger great collaboration in work. Besides, it manifests the conviction that no element of environmental health, public hygiene and beauty is too trivial to be excluded from one’s consciousness and care.


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