About Us

The EcoPro team wants to contribute to an ecologically sound management of natural resources, primarily of water and soil. We promote an integrated management of liquid and solid "wastes", eco-friendly approaches in environmental hygiene and sanitation, and sustainable methods and technologies in food production. This is our contribution to environmental health and public hygiene.

In practice, EcoPro promotes

  • Effective Mircoorganisms (EM) technology according to Prof. Teruo Higa;
  • Ecosan, which is short for ecological sanitation;
  • Dewats, which stands for decentralized waste water treatment systems;
  • Organic farming methods, in particular biodynamic farming and farming with EM.
  • Development of non-conventional and less standardized solutions in recycling and re-use of wastewater.   

We do not limit our approach to the above technologies or concepts, but would like to integrate methods that are synergistic. We are open to collaborate with other agencies working towards ecological sustainability.

EcoPro wants to contribute to the development of Auroville (see www.auroville.org ) to the maximum of its capacity, through both, its services and products, as well as through sharing its economic success. EcoPro contributes its net profit to the community budget of Auroville.

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