EM and EM preparations

EM-soaked charcoal has uses in farming and gardening, in poultry, and in sanitation.

Drenching charcoal with EM is done in the following way:
Immerse charcoal in extended (activated) EM solution for 24 to 48 hours. (For sub-sequent use in water, keep the charcoal - during drenching and during use - in a jute sac. Pieces cannot be as small as dust otherwise they will get lost through the sac.)

The EM-soaked charcoal can be used in the treatment of running irrigation water, or as an soil input. For the latter purpose dig a circular trench or several holes (one foot deep and one foot wide) under or inside the drip line of a tree canopy and fill them half with charcoal. Cover the charcoal with mulch and fill the hole or trench with mulch so as to protect the charcoal from drying out too fast. Even in the peak of summer and dry season, not only the charcoal, but also the soil around the hole or trench will remain moist for many weeks. Thus the microbial life in the root area remains alive and active.

The use of the finest charcoal pieces is not possible for immersing charcoal for water treatment, but is appropriate for use in the soil. The finer the charcoal powder, the more material will get "lost" with one application, and the more you will have to fill in again when you want to repeat the application. 

Fine EM-soaked charcoal powder can be used in chicken houses or in the free-run of chicken.

For in-water use the soaking happens in undiluted activated EM solution. For use in soils diluting up to 10 or 20 times with water works well.

For more suggestions on the use of EM and charcoal see the references on ecosan and terra preta.

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