EM applications

As EM is made from organisms which are found in nature and in many of our commonly used food items, it can be used safely and liberally in households.

It can be used for composting or for making bokashi out of food waste, it can be used for domestic waste water and sewage treatment, for eliminating bad odors, for the control of flies, cockroaches and other pests, control of tics and mites on pets, control of fungus and mouldy odours, for cleaning of surfaces, in drains and toilets, for laundry, in ant channels and pools.

In the following table find indications as to possible use, dilution and dosage of activated EM solution (AEM) for various applications. (Dilutions with water that preferably is not chlorinated.)   

Surface cleaning of floors – add 50 ml of AEM to a bucket of water for cleaning of floors with cloth or scrubber;
In bathrooms, for tiled walls, in sinks, inside and around toilet bowls – apply undiluted in appropriate amount and keep overnight; use a small household sprayer;  
In laundry – for example by adding 50 ml of undiluted AEM per run of a washing machine, or by soaking and rinsing washed clothes with 50 ml per bucket of water;
in kitchen and refrigerator – clean with appropriate amount of dilution of 1:500, occasionally; 
in drains, toilets, and sinks – pour 20 to 50 ml undiluted AEM after the last use in the evening and keep overnight;
on leather (against mould) – undiluted, in appropriate amount, every ten days;
on carpets and mats – clean with a dilution of 1:50, in appropriate amount, according to need between twice a week and once a month;
in shoe box, on shoes, (also inside cars) – clean with a dilution of 1:50, in appropriate amount, occasionally;
in closets, chests, on shelves – moist slightly, occasionally;
on clothes and underwear – moist slightly, occasionally;
for pets – after brushing, rub appropriate amount into fur in a dilution of 1:500;
in garden pond and water tank (non-drinking water) – add to make a dilution of 1:10,000, occasionally; 
in the garden – use AEM in a dilution of 1:1,000, in appropriate amounts during seeding and planting; use with liberal amounts of mulch and compost. 

Note of caution: Do not apply undiluted AEM on surfaces that suffer from application of acids such as, for example, vinegar or lemon juice; these surfaces will also suffer from the acidity of undiluted AEM.

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