EM and EM preparations

EM5 is a remedy to control plant diseases and pests and ectoparasites of animals.

EM5 has five ingredients in the following proportions:

EM stock solution (as for activated EM solution)
Organic jaggery (as for activated EM solution)
Natural vinegar, preferably from organic produce
Alcohol, i.e. ethyl alcohol between 40 and 50%
Water (as for activated EM solution)

1 part
1 part
1 part
1 part
6 parts

Examples of alcoholic liquor containing between 40 and 50% are whisky, rum or brandy.

Dissolve the jaggery completely in water; if required, use some warm water. Add vinegar and spirit and then EM stock solution. Keep in an airtight plastic container for seven days. When the container gets distended due to gas development, release the pressure by opening the lid for a fraction of a second. Keep away from sunlight in a warm place between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade. When the production of gas has subsided, EM5 is ready and will have a pleasantly sweet and fruity smell.

Stored in a dark cool place with uniform temperature, the shelf life of EM5 will be about three months.

EM is an excellent remedy against viral, bacterial and fungal diseases of plants and against some pests. For this purpose dilute it between 1:200 to 1:1,000 and apply sprays along with extended EM solution (AEM) and with EM-FPE at a regular interval as a preventative measure. In case of disease, apply it every second day until the disease is under control. Spraying could be initiated after seed germination or crop establishment. EM5 is best sprayed in the early morning or after heavy rains.

In cattle and other domestic animals EM5 is an excellent remedy against ticks, in cattle also against botflies. One part EM5 should be diluted with two parts water and rubbed into the animal’s hide; three applications at an interval of two weeks will suffice. If conditions necessitate further preventive treatment, one application per month will be enough.

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