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Dewats, short for decentralized waste water treatment systems, indicates sewage (and effluent) treatment systems that work on biological principles, involve as little as possible energy-dependent technical gadgets and as little as possible high-skill engineering operation and maintenance, avoid lengthy sewerage and recycle and re-use treated waste water as close as possible on site.

Planning, design and construction of a dewats demand as much knowledge and skill as any other treatment plant, but operation and maintenance are kept simple.

The following technical components are typically parts of a dewats:
Settlement tank (septic tank), biogas digester, baffled tank reactor, anaerobic upflow filter (fixed bed filter), planted gravel filter, polishing pond. Planning and design have to take into consideration at which level separation and treatment of greywater and blackwater are required, and for which final purpose of re-use.  

For more information on dewats the following websites are recommended:
www.cddindia.org  |  www.borda-net.org  |  www.borda-mc.org



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