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The term ecosan, short for ecological sanitation, is generally used for concepts and techniques of toilet sanitation that aim at maximum hygiene while saving water and making maximum re-use of biowaste for gardening and farming. Thus it includes flush-free or waterless urinals, suction toilets, composting and drying toilets, urine separation, etc.

The challenges are

  • to provide toilet sanitation for the one-third of mankind that presently is without any means for the hygienic disposal of human excreta;
  • to promote, make attractive and make available water-saving toilet technologies, also in high-density urban societies and amongst the economic middle and upper class; and
  • to organize viable collection and transport services for human wastes from human habitats so as to make sanitized ecosan products available to the user i.e. agriculture.

For more information visit www.ecosanres.org  |  www.susana.org  |   www.gtz.de/ecosan


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