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The following publications are available from EcoPro:

  • The Biochar Revolution, edited by Paul Taylor, 2010.
    A book about how we can change the world with biochar: Production, testing, usage & benefits of biochar- for sale at Rs. 1,480

  • Wise Water Management in Schools, 2009

  • EM Technology – the Use of “Effective Microorganisms” (Maple EM.1) in Hygiene and Sanitation, the Treatment Solid and Liquid Waste and Environmental Rehabilitation, 2008 

The following educational movies are available from Ecopro:

  • The use of EM in public hygiene and sanitation, 2006 – in English and Tamil

  • Gramathavasam, 2006. On the need for toilet sanitation – Tamil play

  • Muthalidam, 2006. On ecosan – Tamil play, with English subtitles

  • Maattram, 2009. On solid waste management, in particular on waste separation – Tamil play, with English subtitles

  • The following studies where made by workers and volunteers of EcoPro:

    • How much land per person do we need in south India to feed ourselves?, by Mira Gobel, 2018

      Read the study



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