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Villages and towns grown over time tend to have more charm and to provide better space for human interaction than the outgrowths of present-day “development”. There seems to be a need for a cautious restructuring of city space while remaining sensitive to the needs of all age groups and economic strata of society.

Imagine cities with slowly moving cars, with safe space for pedestrians, with enough quiet for talk and enough relaxedness for play – even small Indian towns and villages are loosing their opportunities at a fast pace. Monstrosities replace charm, glaring colours and kitschy facades replace vernacular achievements weathering with dignity.  

We would be happy to get involved in urban restoration planning and programs that aim at integrating socio-cultural concerns with public health concerns and basic sanitation needs.  

We do not hesitate to name Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) as one of our guiding lights in this approach.



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