TLUD stove


TLUD is an energy-efficient and clean-burning gasifier cookstove which produces excellent quality charcoal as a byproduct. It is designed mainly for household cooking.

Advantages of TLUD stoves

  1. The TLUD stove is an improved stove that can save 50 to 60% fuelwood, thus saving time and money.
  2. In addition to firewood, it also allows use of waste biomass such as twigs, coconut shells, wood chips, peanut shells and many other crop residues, which are available for free or at a very low cost in the villages.
  3. The burning of the stove is clean, producing very little smoke and soot. This helps in improving the health of the women, young children and old people who spend many hours inside the house and suffer from the smoke and soot from the traditional chulha.
  4. The charcoal produced by the stove can either be sold thus providing income to the family, or it can be converted into a soil fertilizer, which can improve crop yields and soil quality for a very low cost.
  5. The stove is very easy to use and does not need any attention once the fire gets going.
  6. It is made of stainless steel and is expected to last for 5-7 years without any additional recurring expenses.

We hope to replace the extremely inefficient and polluting three-stone chulhas that are normally used in the villages for household cooking. This will reduce the firewood consumption and resulting deforestation, reduce air pollution caused by smoke and soot produced by incomplete combustion, and offer good quality charcoal to village households for free, which they can use to improve their crop yields. We have started conducting demonstrations in the surrounding villages as well as on farms in Auroville. Once the practice spreads, we hope to install demonstration trials in the surrounding villages to show the effect of biochar soil amendment.

The stove comes with two stainless steel canisters, which can be used for continuous cooking. However, there is also an option of buying the stove with only one canister and, if and when needed, buying the additional canister later.

Price of stove is Rs. 2800 with two canisters.



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