We offer the following services:

Training in EM technology, sometimes in the context of seminars and workshops in organic farming and urban gardening, sanitation and ecosan, wastewater treatment technologies, composting and municipal solid waste management, and sustainable management of water and natural resources.

Consultancy and technical guidance, in particular in EM technology for its whole application range.

Lectures and presentations on sanitation and its ecological and historical context, on ecosan of human waste, and on solid waste management.

Training and lectures are often combined with a viewing of movies, in particular of educational films that we have produced.

We design and implement educational & developmental programs in sanitation (in its wider sense) and in the repair and upgrading of sanitation facilities and services. Or we are partners in such programs led by other agencies.

Fund-raising for educational and developmental programs. We are engaged in fund-raising not only for programs under our own leadership, but, to a small extent, also for programs in close geographical proximity in Tamil Nadu where we are involved as implementation partners or as technical consultants, or where we are in a position to supervise and monitor and assess implementation.


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