Ecosan in Boodheri

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Boodheri is a small settlement of 250 houses, integrated as a ward into Tindivanam Municipality. Here EcoPro constructed several Urine Diversion Dry Toilets (UDDTs) and continues to work towards behavior change to increase usage of these toilets.

In 2010, when EcoPro first visited Boodheri, open defecation (OD) was the norm. To eliminate OD and fecally transmitted diseases, EcoPro constructed UDDTs in 55 of the households. Regular monitoring revealed that many toilets are badly maintained, misused or unused. EcoPro runs awareness sessions and demos of hygiene maintenance, interacts with residents – mainly women and children –, and organizes programs related to health, hygiene, sports (Ultimate Frisbee), livelihood and sustainability. In 2018 these activities resulted in an all-time high toilet usage of 82%.